Afrithermo Foils

Available in Double Sided & Single Sided Foils

What Is Afri Thermo Foil?


  • Excellent vapour resistance
  • Excellent deep freeze resistance
  • Excellent for cold storage applications
  • Reinforced scrim provides additional strength and stability
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Available in rolls



  • Used as a top layer for insulating materials such as stone wool
  • Foam insulation panels and lamellar mats in the insulation of buildings
  • Acts as a vapour barrier to prevent mold formation and moisture damage
  • Used in heating and ventilation systems
  • Used in construction industry to close joints in a vapour barrier or to prevent heat lost as a result of leaking insulation
  • Used in wide range of food packing such as meat, fish, wine and cheese
  • Used in pharmacy to ensure complete insulation against light, moisture, gases and germs

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