Blue Tint Sheeting

1500mm x 1000mtr

40 micron

Per Roll

This is film that is stretched before wrapping a load. It may be used by all those, who are currently using standard stretch films. In case of the PRE-STRETCH
FILM, less film is required to wrap a pallet than in case of any standard products. It has excellent puncture resistance to provide better protection.



  • Reduced amount of film used, so film costs are greatly reduced
  • Requires less revolutions to wrap a load, saving time, more efficient
  • Less packaging film means less waste to clear and dispose
  • Pre-stretch films are recyclable
  • Pre-stretched film is strong, consistent and stable
  • Has a width of 1500mm to wrap bigger loads
  • Protects loads from the harmful wealth



  • Used together with our Kraft paper in packaging of steel coils and plates
  • Used in cargo containers in wrapping meat, fruits and valuable goods
  • As a width of 1500mm to wrap long products
  • Used together with our Kraft paper for large galvanized piping
  • To protect loads from the harmful weather

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