Kraft Boxes

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Stock 2-7


Other sizes on request

What are kraft boxes designed for?

Kraft paper is the material that makes these Kraft boxes. Every industry has a variety of boxes made of Kraft paper and their wide range of uses offers us a variety of different Kraft boxes. Kraft boxes can be customized to any shape and/or size to suit packing various products in the market.

Stock boxes

Our stock boxes are divided into 2 types

Single wall stock boxes
For many of our customers, single wall boxes provide the high quality protection and reliability they require at an affordable price. Our single wall cardboard boxes are one of our most popular products. With a variety of dimensions and sizes, these boxes are highly adaptable and can be used in both professional and personal applications.

– Ideal boxes for general stock and dispatch packing, holding up to 10kg.
we offer these from stock 1 to stock 7

Double wall stock boxes

Our double wall boxes are designed to offer superior strength and reliability to our customers. These strong boxes are ideal for heavy objects, and when stacking is required. They also offer extra protection when shipping sensitive products.

– Ideal for more heavy duty applications and can hold up to 30kg.

We offer these from stock 1 to stock 7

Available in special sizes

We Carter for special requests with minimum order quantity