Mull & Crepe


Mull is a net-like, woven linen or cotton fabric (linen is stronger than cotton) that’s been treated with a starch to stiffen and strengthen. Mull is also called “Super” and “Crash” and “Tarlatan”. The mull is glued onto the spine of certain book structures to aid strengthening the spine, and when overlapping the spine, also helps strengthen the endpapers in the hinge part where they attach to the book board.

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Crepe paper is very thin, almost tissue paper thin, however, it’s also extremely strong for how thin it is, and can be used the same way mull is, but on smaller or lighter books. Mull is thicker than crepe paper, and we use it for heavier or large books, but crepe paper has been outstanding for 4”x6” and smaller books. It’s especially great for miniature books when the thicker mull would be too bulky.

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This product was originally formulated to stop ink from hardening in the duct and/or can. More recently it is used to spray onto blankets to stop web breaks or paper catch up. No Tack Spray can be used with all types of inks and stock and is especially suitable for older type web presses. No Tack Spray reduces waste on start up. It vastly improves paper flow without static and reduces problems on web presses.

This is a more flexible choice of product with a wider variety of uses giving more options to be cost effective.

No Tack Spray-400g cans

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