Pallet Wraps


Pallet Wrap or Clear Stretch Film is mainly used for securing products on pallets as well as the entire pallet loads. Pallet wrap can be fitted by a wrapping machine or manually. This heavy-duty material protects your products and ensures that they are kept in place. Afripaper Products offers you a wide range of Pallet wrap to ensure that the job at hand is wrapped up to your exact needs.

Standard Core Pallet Wrap


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Extended Core Pallet Wrap


Extended core rolls have a longer core for ease of handling. This film offers excellent stretch, improved load holding, good clarity and tear resistance, designed and made to handle demanding wrapping applications.

Standard Core Pallet Wrap

Afripaper Products offers a wide range of adhesive tapes with unique features designed to satisfy every requirement from industrial manufacturing to office and home use. Tapes comes in a combination of different sizes, lengths, widths and breaking strength.

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