Padding Compound

Padding Compound is used for making your own pads of paper, we offer padding compound in three different styles, including fast drying, extra fast drying, or fan-a-part. Fast drying and extra fast drying options are used for standard pads of paper, while the fan-a-part padding glue is made specifically for carbonless and NCR paper pads. This unique pad glue is made of water soluble, vinyl adhesives that is nontoxic and emits no VOC’s so it’s safe for use in all industries including schools and homes. It has been manufactured specifically for paper pas binding, so offers distinctive strength and flexability, while still allowing for easy tearoff applications. One solid coat of this glue is acceptable for most applications and one quart will yield approximately 19 square feet. Depending on your selection below, padding compound can dry and be ready for handling in as little as about 20 minutes.


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