Strap Hand & Buckles

Afripaper Products offers a wide range of strapping products for various applications from heavy duty steel strapping, Pet strapping, Polypropylene and polywoven strapping. Strapping comes in a combination of different sizes, lengths, widths and breaking strength. When selecting strapping, one should take into consideration the weight of the product.

Strapping Buckles

Wire Buckles are used as an alternative to seals in strapping applications. Comes in various sizes suited for strapping widths. Buckles are made from steel.


  • Our Polystyrene is non-toxic, does not
    contain CFCs and does not decompose
    into harmful substances
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Can be moulded, shaped and cut into
    virtually any shape or pattern
  • Durability. Polystyrene does not rot or
    degrade over time, remains dimensionally
    stable, will remain fully functional for the
    life of any building


Any item of any shape or size may be packaged in polystyrene. Its exceptional shock absorbing characteristics make it ideal for the storage and transport of fragile and expensive items such as electronic equipment, wines, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. The outstanding thermal insulation and moisture resistant properties of our polystyrene enables the freshness extension of perishable products such as produce and seafood. Moreover, its compression resistance means that it is ideal for stackable packaging goods. It is used to protect new appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and act
as a protective buffer when transporting heavy goods such as steel pipes and other machines. EPS packaging is used extensively for both the domestic and export market.



• Light Weight, easy to transport and install
• Moisture resistant, increasing water penetration resistance

Polypropylene Hand Strapping

Mainly used in manual applications and offer security to boxes. This strapping is suitable for lighter items that are in need of added security. Different seals are used to secure the strapping and we also offer tooling options.

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